First free
international server
Blade & Soul

Fully implemented game world
and features, free account creation
and low ping for Europe

Incredible graphics
Interesting gameplay
Fascinating story

Blade & Soul - incredible game
popular in Korea and China

Fully functional
international server

Start playing now,
get involved in the fascinating world
styled in old Chinese traditions and get revenge for your teacher

Start playing for free right now

You will need game client, which you can download via link on the right and game account, which you can create in 2 simple steps


Fully implemented game world

Game content is fully implemented for our current update. All quests, dungeons, skills, traits, bosses, fractions, guild etc are fully functional.


Client is localized for up to 97% to English and the work continues. All videos, cutscenes, dialogs and interface are translated.

Server status

Server is online

Server release details:

  • Accounts created during OBT are active
  • All game data (characters, items etc) are wiped
  • Possible queues on game entry
  • Ingame shop is working
  • You can choose censored and uncensored version
  • Game masters do not intervene in the game proccess
  • Players using malicious software will be permanently banned.
  • Website is in testing, there could be errors. Report them to support.

Public page @

Решение проблем

Client installation

If you encountered any problems during client installation - consult this thread.

Entering game

Solutions for possible problems with entering the game.

Client update

Porblems occuring during client update can be resolved in this thread.

Game problems

If you encountered problems ingame, consult this thread.